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McGriddle Fan Fic

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McGriddle Fan Fiction
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This is a LiveJournal community for writers of McGriddle Fan Fiction, Breakfast Fan Fiction, and McGriddle Creative Writing. While our primary focus is on Fan Fic involving the McDonald's McGriddle, we extend membership to writers of any sort of breakfast food creative writing (i.e. McMuffins, Bagel Sandwiches, Pancakes, etc).


I will delete any posts that do not adhere to the rules.
  • Keep it reasonably clean. Nothing worse than PG-13.
  • Be courteous. If You don't like someone's post, keep it to yourself. No flaming.
  • Keep it focused on breakfast products. I don't want to hear about any french fries.

New Guideline: To improve the readability of our community, please make use of LJcuts in your posts. Anything beyond the first paragraph or first 300 words should be behind a ljcut. Thanks!


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